8th February, 2013

A shortcut to nowhere

When I was teenager, I was a competitive alpine ski racer with the ski team.  I remember one afternoon the team was on our way back to the hotel from a day of training at Lake Louise.  Our coach pulled the van over on the side of the highway – a short distance from the bottom of the hill leading up to the hotel and said “ok guys – see you back at the hotel for dinner” .  I’ve always remembered him laughing diabolically as he drove off – but  I probably made that part up.  We started running along the highway.


We tend to avoid things we don’t like

I’ve never been fond of running.  I look up and to the left and can see my goal – the hotel up a the top of the hill/mountain.  I figure – I can hop that fence – cut across that field, climb that hill and TOTALLY save time and effort.  So I did.  Through the knee deep snow, over the fence, and through the field.  My team mates were yelling – and I waved them off.  “See you at the hotel suckers!”.  In hindsight, this was mistake number one.  At the time though – this was fun.  I remember feeling incredibly excited – incredibly alive.  Until I came to the creek.  Well now what.  It was too wide to jump, I didn’t know how deep it was and getting wet in the middle of nowhere – in the middle of winter is usually a bad idea.


Take a left.  Follow the creek.  In hindsight this was mistake number two.  I don’t know what I was thinking – but hey I was 16, indestructible  and alone in the Canadian Rockies.  I was having a blast.  Ok now I’ve been running for a while.  Keep in mind that up here in the winter it starts to get dark pretty early.  Like 4pm early.  I don’t know how long I’ve been running but I’m pretty sure I’m now running the wrong way.  Wait what is that noise…is that howling?


Howling and fish and no turning back

Now I’m feeling a little vulnerable.  There are wolves and its getting dark.  The idiot in me ignored the suggestion made by someone in my head to turn back and follow my tracks.  “That would take me back to where I started!” I argued with myself.  I trudged on.  After a bit I saw a light.  This was a good sign!  I run to the light and found a building.  I opened the door and stepped inside and a loud alarm sounded.  It was a fish hatchery and a few more steps would have resulted in falling into a tank of baby fish.  Well at least it was a sign of society and most importantly a place I could survive a wolf onslaught.  Fortunately for me – there is still no mistake number three.


Back to society and almost there

Keep on running.  Up ahead – I see life.  The best part is its not the kind of life that would try and kill and eat me – it was humanoid.  Turn on the gas.  I think I may have scared the crap out of these people.  I ran up almost full speed yelling “heyyyy stoppp!!”  – at this point I should probably add I had shoulder length bright pink hair.  Hey it was the 90s =).  Once I assured them I was not a crazy person on drugs coming to axe murder them – they told me I was at a golf course and pointed me towards the gate.  Run run run.


I get to the parking lot and ultimately back onto the road.  I look around and realize – I’m now several miles BEHIND where I started.  A few choice words are said and  I suck it up and start running.  After a while I see tracks running off into the ditch and across the field.  A few minutes later I turn onto the road up the hill to the hotel.  I hear a honk behind me and an old Volkswagen van pulls over “Hey man – do you want a ride up the hill?” says the ski bum in the van.  “No thanks – I think I think I’ll just keep running”.  The van pulls away and I keep running.  In hindsight that was the first smart thing I did all afternoon.  I arrive back at our hotel about 7pm.  Its dark, I’m hungry and I’ve missed dinner.


The lessons of this day have stuck with me for almost two decades now.  I think of this afternoon often as I make choices in my life.  Taking shortcuts while attempting to reach your goals – especially with regards to fitness – if you even get where you want to get will usually cost you more..  Though in this case, fitness wise, my shortcut probably paid dividends with all the extra running – my goal was to reach the hotel and that was much delayed by my shortcut.  My coach breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw me and I received a much deserved tongue lashing.


There is no magic health and fitness pill.  Just hard work and proper nutrition.

5th December, 2012

What is Functional Fitness?

To me Functional fitness is:


  1. Slipping on ice – feet up in the air land on your back and not pulling every muscle in your core leaving you unable to function for days, weeks or worse.
  2. Being able to lift my children with ease and even throw them up in the air and catch them.
  3. Having the core strength to spend an entire day on the slopes – not “in the chalet”.
  4. Being able to lift a heavy computer or box and not pull a muscle in my back.
  5. Being able to tear through a tough workout like , or .
  6. Being able to keep up with my kids when they start tearing around!
  7. Having the core strength to control a 250CC dirt bike.
  8. Having the endurance to hike up a mountain.


My experiences with P90X, P90X2, and Insanity have all helped me strengthen my entire body and increase my functional fitness by simultaneously working multiple muscle groups.  I notice this every day!


More details on .

27th November, 2012

What to expect in P90X Phase 1

This post is a summary of phase 1 of which covers week one through four.  My goal in writing this is to give you a brief overview of what to expect in phase one of the program.  Repeat this week three times and add a recovery week and phase one is complete!


I welcome all feedback.  Feel free to leave a comment here or !


Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

Day one.  This is the first workout you will do in P90X.  This workout is all about pushups, chin ups and pulling some weights.  I like to use dumb bells and the chin up bar for this workout.  The bands are also quite effective.   The only tip I have for you on this workout is to keep your core muscles tight especially when lifting weights.  When doing the pushup moves tense your core, flex your butt and quads.  This will make the moves a bit tougher at first – but will help strengthen your core pretty quickly.  This is key.  The next day you will feel this workout your pectoral muscles, your lats, and your upper back.  15 minute Ab Ripper X follows this routine.



As Mr. Horton says in the beginning of this video “this is the mother of all X workouts”.  This is the most challenging workout in all of P90X.  If you can make it though this workout you are golden.  No equipment is needed for this workout other than a good pair of shoes that are made for jumping.  Tennis, court or cross trainers.  I get arch pain using my running shoes.  The first 10 minutes is stretch and warm up.  The first three sets are tough.  A lot of jumping.  When doing any move where your feet leave the ground keep your core tight and land softly on your toes – bending your knees.  This will protect your lower back and knees.  If you feel anything uncomfortable – stop jumping and modify the move.  If you have knee or lower back problems modify every move where your feet leave the ground.  Follow “Pam the Blam’s” lead.  If this workout is just too much for you at first swap in Cardio X for the first week.  The next day your chest and back will probably feel better – but your butt and thighs and calves will be sore.


If you want to make this workout easier – swap in Cardio X


If you want to make this workout more challenging – consider doing Plyometric Cardio Circuit or Max Interval Plyo.


Shoulders & Arms – Ab Ripper X

This workout is strait forward.  Shoulders, biceps, triceps.  Repeat.  The one thing that is key to remember is to keep your core tight especially when lifting weights or bands over your shoulders.  This will help prevent pulling something in your back or core.  15 minute Ab Ripper X follows this routine.



Yoga X

Ahhh the yoga.  This workout is 90 minutes.   Key to yoga is to breath through the discomfort.  Keep your core tight.  Ever week you should make it a little further.  If this workout is just too long consider stopping it around the 50 minute mark.  Around the 50 minute mark the “hard” stuff finishes up and it goes into flexibility mode.  When working on moves like Crane be very careful.  Don’t expect to be doing Crane the  first week.  Its possible that you may not be able to do Crane in the first phase.  You should be able to do brief periods of crane by phase 2.  Expect to fall forward or backwards when learning this.  Clear the area around you.  You could also consider picking and swapping in the X2 Yoga routine here.  It has a faster pace and wraps up in under 60 minutes.



Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

This is a strait forward workout.  I have one warning however.  There is an exercise in this routine that has caused me an injury every time I’ve tried it – "Alternating Side Lunges".  Every time I’ve tried it in any cycle of P90X it has tweaked my hamstring in my upper inner thigh.  I’ve tried it with low weight even no weight and still I have noticed it pull my hamstrings.  At the least this can force me to skip the squat moves in the remainder of the workout at worst its put me out of commission for several days.  If you notice any discomfort doing this exercise stop and consider skipping it.  This could just be a strange problem for me – I’m interested in hearing your experiences with this exercise.  The next day expect your butt and thighs to be sore.  15 minute Ab Ripper X follows this routine.


Kenpo X

Lots of kicks.  Lots of punches.  Little bit of jumping.  This workout is pretty easy.  It works your core and cardio.  Make sure to keep your core tight while punching.  If your workout space is carpeted consider trying this without shoes but wearing socks.  Many of the exercises require you to twist your feet.  Wearing shoes can cause your shoes to catch on the carpet and maybe even wear out your carpet.



Rest or X Stretch

This your rest day.  If you can make time to do the stretch workout this will really increase your flexibility over the course of the cycle.   This is a very mellow workout and is short compared to the rest of the DVDs.  It focuses on flexibility and recovery.  If you’re really sore – this would be a good workout to do.


I will sometimes schedule  my cycles so that this day lands on a week day which gives me a little more flexibility in dealing with work.  On those weeks where life happens and I need to skip a workout I will use this day to make that workout up.  If you just want to take this day off do it!


Recovery Week

This week is lighter – and you’ve earned it!  The recovery week is really important.  You will start to really see changes occur in your body at the end of the recovery week.   After this brief rest its time for phase 2!

26th November, 2012

My Supplement Regimen

There are five nutritional supplements that I’ve been relying on for the past several years.  I keep this list current and add / remove products from this page as I change my opinion.



Every night I take two heaping table spoons of the original Metamucil in an small glass of water.  I don’t have regularity problems but this makes sure everything keeps flowing.  The first few days were a little uncomfortable and some strange things came out.  I suggest you start this on a Friday night (or whatever your Friday is) and stay close to home until you know how your body will react. This helps keep my GI tract happy.


P90X Peak Health Formula

This supplement is pretty much a , minerals and other goodies.  Each packet contains six capsules.  I take three in the morning and the other three at night to try and reduce the amount that just go down the toilet.   Ensuring your body has sufficient vitamins and minerals will help you lose body fat, help increase muscle growth, help maximize energy.

Results and Recovery Formula

This is one I swear by.  If you are in one of my challenge groups I will encourage you to buy this one supplement.  Two scoops in 12oz of water results in a creamy orange beverage.  The touted benefit of the   is that the combination of sugars, protein and vitamins taken within an hour of an intense workout increases your body’s ability to recover.  I’ve done cycles of various programs with and without this drink and I’ve felt the difference with and without it.  If you drink a serving of this after an intense workout, after a busy day of yard work or even a day of hiking your muscles will feel noticeably better the next day.  If I’ve done a shorter or less intense workout I will sometimes take a single scoop in 6oz of water.

Protein Bars

I use protein bars for two reasons.  Firstly they are a bit of sweet.  They’re a treat that are fully of protein!  They’re also quick snacks or mini-meals in a pinch.  I did enjoy the – their texture is great and the flavors were also tasty.  The price with shipping made them a little bit on the pricey side.  I found that buying bars locally, though not as tasty I could save a few bucks.  Also there was no several day/week wait.



is new for me.  I’m a big fan of eating actual food and avoiding processed food where possible.  As such I’ve avoided Shakeology. About a year ago my work situation changed and I started having to drive into a client site four days a week.  This makes eating freshly prepared food a bit more challenge.  My shipment of chocolate Shakeology just arrived and I tried a glass tonight before my workout.  Tasted pretty good.  I’ll keep you posted.

25th November, 2012

Fitness challenge group–What you need to know

Increasing my personal fitness has helped improve every aspect of my life.  I’m healthy and know I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m here for my family.  I’m happier and my self esteem is up.  My productivity is up allowing me to get as much done professionally with the limited time I have available.  For myself, fitness challenge groups are key to this.  I struggled for years working out on my own with very little external support but now challenge groups keep me accountable!


A fitness challenge group is a group of people who are committing to work together as a team setting personal fitness goals.   You will workout on your own time at your own place.   The team will support and motivate each other using online collaboration as the members of the group work towards achieving their goals.  This type of support and collaboration is a key factor to succeeding in achieving your fitness goals.  Usually members of our challenge groups will be working through 60 or 90 day Beachbody programs like P90X or Insanity but if your goal is to just increase your running endurance or go to a spin class three times a week we’re here to support and encourage you.  Challenge groups have rough start dates and end dates but these are not set in stone.   Everyone has lives and life happens.  Challenge groups adapt to “life happening”.  Challenge groups will help you deal with the curve balls that our busy lives constantly throw at us and all too often result in people feeling they cannot make time for fitness.


All groups are overseen by a group of coaches – and my team.  We’ll leverage our experience to support you and answer any questions you have.  If we don’t know the answer we’ll leverage the resources made available to us as Beachbody coaches to get your answer.

How does it work?

First you need to .  This is completely free.  If you’d like to do a program like or you’ll need copies of the workout program and any equipment needed.  Once you’ve signed up I’ll contact you by e-mail to arrange a brief call with you by phone, Skype, or even in person if we can achieve that.  The goal of this call will be get to know you a little better and find out what your fitness goals are.  I’ll also ask you to write me an e-mail outlining your short term and long term fitness goals.   If needed we’ll set your start date and help you prepare.


Once the challenge group has started we’ll collaborate online in a private Facebook group open only to members and coaches of the team.  If you do not have access to Facebook we can communicate by e-mails.  In a nutshell you’ll post each day what your workout was and how you thought you did.  Ask any questions you might have.  If you’re struggling with something put it out there and we’ll help you get past it.


Why are you doing this?

I started working on my fitness a number of years ago.  I have made huge changes to my life, lifestyle with little to no support.  I reached a point where working out “to be healthy” was not motivation enough.  Life was taking priority and I needed to find a new personal motivator.  This is where my team and these challenge groups come in.  I cannot look myself in the mirror if I know that I didn’t make my best efforts to achieve my next fitness goal and workout.  This has had a huge effect and even with a full time + job, a wife, two children and five dogs I’m making time almost every day to workout.  In hindsight I’ve realized that the work I did years ago on my own would have been significantly easier if I had of joined a team!  Are you ready to make a change?  .


If this is something that sounds interesting to you please join us!  If you have any questions feel free to .  I will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

22nd November, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving America!

turkeyTo all my American friends, have a happy and safe holiday this weekend.  Life isn’t worth living if you cannot indulge once and a while.  Skip a workout or two this weekend.  Have a piece of pie (not a whole pie like I used to).  Have a great weekend with family and friends.  We’ll see you back in the workout group next week!

21st November, 2012

What do you need to get started with P90X

So you are curious about P90X?  you’ve come to the right place!  This post will show you roughly what you’ll need to get started in two configurations of equipment.   Short of it – with no existing equipment you can be up and running for as little as 160$.


You don’t need a lot of space.  More is obviously better but if you can do a pushup you have enough room.  Move the coffee table out of the way and use the TV.  I used to workout in my basement office playing the videos on my computer.  Space is hopefully free :)



Running shoes will work but you may have problems during the plyometric workouts.  I would get pains in the arches of my feet.  Shoes that are made for jumping might be better – ie tennis or court shoes.  I had been buying shoes primarily at a running store here in town.  They were not very helpful when I started asking about shoes for plyometrics : )




Bands or Dumb bells

I started P90X the first time with a borrowed set of bands that were too light.  I switched to dumb bells after the first week and have preferred those since.  I started with a pair of 10s, 15s, 20s and 25s.  Adding a pair of 5s in there might not be a bad idea.  Now on my nth cycle I still use the 10s –25s but I’ve also added 40s and 50s for some extra oompf!


Please do not buy your dumb bells online.  Shipping will be killer.  You can pick them up at a local fitness store in various styles.  I prefer the .  They run about one dollar per pound so it can get a little pricey if you try to buy an entire set of heavy ones at once.


  They’re super portable and you can do the entire P90X program using ONLY bands.  Each band “kit” contains varying tensions of bands:


  • Standard kit – 15-30lbs
  • Super kit – 20-40lbs
  • Extreme kit – 40-50lbs


You may want to consider getting two sets of bands so you can get more of a range for your workouts – especially if you’re not going to use a chin up bar.


40$ for a single set of , 80 for two sets

240$ for a big range of dumb bells


Bands or Chinup bar

After that first week of using the bands – I also ordered the .  This thing is pretty sweet.  I love doing chin ups.  For me – P90X is all about chin ups :) .  After a little assembly it fits in a door frame.  I jerry rigged a fake door configuration from one of the main floor joists in my unfinished basement.  Sadly our new home doesn’t have a suitable door frame with enough room for my head to come up above the bar or a tall enough door so I’ve had to move to a free standing chin up bar.  I would much prefer to use the P90X one too.


A couple very important things to note.  The place where the bars rubber grips meet your door trim may damage the trim.  The rubber seems to rub off.  If you have a finished door get a couple of small squares of carpet and put the carper between the bar and the door trim.  This seems to keep your trim from being damaged.  Also if you have ornate door molding with a lot of fine detail (wood or MDF) you may want to be careful with the bar it may damage your trim.


40$ for a single set of , 80 for two sets

60$ for a

A Team

I can’t stress this enough.  P90X can be a tough program especially the first time through.  Your chances of success are greater when you have a team supporting you.  and we will do everything we can to help you succeed.  We can help you get familiar with the program.  We can answer any questions you might have.  We can help you stay accountable.  We will help you meet your goals.


You may also want to consider joining my team with a subscription to the   Club members will save 10% on all orders and get access to a bunch of online bonus tools such as an meal planner that generates meals and shipping lists.  At 12$ a month if you need to purchase a program like P90X or a month of supplements the 10% discount pays for the membership.


The program

Yup you should probably get yourself a copy of the P90X program ; )   There are two options here depending on your budget and also the equipment you already have.

P90X Challenge Pack

The offers some serious savings.  For 205$ you get the base package, bonus workout dvds as well as a month supply of Shakeology.  You also need either a set of bands or dumbbells/chin up bar with the challenge pack.


P90X Base

The base package costs about 120$ and includes all the DVDs.  If you’ve got all the equipment already this is the way to go.


P90X Peak Results Package

This is a .  This comes with:

  • Base Package
  • Bonus Workouts
  • Bands
  • Chin up Bar
  • Chin up Assist
  • Results and Recovery Formula


Make sure you pick the appropriate band – if you’re just getting started please consider picking the medium bands.


This package will cost you about 260$ but you save a  decent amount over buying each piece separately.



There is nothing that says you need to take supplements to do P90X.  I’ve completed the program both with and without them.  I usually use the , the .  A monthly supply of these two supplements will run you about 80$.  More details on these products can be found in my post on the I use.

15th November, 2012

Before and After Pictures

This is one of the hardest things for me to do, posting before and after pictures publicly for all to see.  It’s taken me a lot of years to get the guts to do this.  With the exception of a brief stint in my teens when I was an alpine ski racer for I’ve always been overweight.  Even then I had a belly.  My nickname was “Pot”.  I would hang out at the start gates and my team would rub “the lucky belly” before races.  Because of this I didn’t take a proper “before” picture before I started changing my world.  Instead I’ve dug this one up.



This photo was taken at my friends bachelor party in August of 2007.  Typical me.  Budweiser, cigarette, and sucking in my gut for the camera.  Yes this was “gut sucked in”…





After some hard work (aka  ) and a lot of ups and downs here is the after shot I am proud to present for the entire world to see.


after P90X

Those pants in the before shot – they were size 44.  They were tight.  I did a little dance and burnt them.  My hopes in exposing myself this way is that if you are unhappy with your current self you will and take the first step towards making your own success story.

14th November, 2012

How to complete P90X / P90X2

I want you to succeeded if you pick up / or a similar program. Here are some tips from my experiences with the various Beachbody programs.


P90X2 LogoP90X Logo






Decide. Commit. Set Goal.

Beachbody nailed it with their slogan.  Decide. Commit. Succeed.  If you decide to take on a program and you commit to working out you are on your way to succeeding. I also recommend you set a realistic goal.  Your goal may be:

  • Finish the program
  • Finish with super clean eating
  • Finish a round of doubles


Set a realistic goal

P90X and P90X2 are hard.  I believe a perfectly reasonable goal the first time through is to just finish the program!  Its probably pretty unlikely that a person could lose 50lbs and get a six pack by the end of a single cycle of a program.  This goal is 100% achievable but it may take a few rounds.


I don’t believe setting a weight loss goal is the right way to go for a single cycle of a workout program.  By all means set a target weight but realize it may take a couple cycles to get there.  Also know that the weight you think you should be – might very well be incorrect. Weight is also a tricky metric.  As you work through a program like P90X or P90X2 you will lose fat but you will also gain muscle.  That can make the scale a bit misleading especially when you get further down the road and you have less body fat.


Join a Team

People are always stronger in groups. significantly increases the likeliness you will succeed. I’d love it if you would join mine.  I’ll work with you one on one and in challenge groups to help you achieve your goals.

Write it down

You’re going to hear this a LOT.  Mr. Horton is 100% correct.  The programs come with worksheets in the books.  I don’t use those.  You can download printable copies of the and worksheets from BeachBody.  Print those out and keep them and a pen with your workout.  After I finish a program I keep.  When starting a new cycle I will use the numbers from a previous cycle as starting points for setting my goals for this workout.  I do not sweat it if my numbers this time around don’t match the last time.  They’ll be better next week!

Take the Fit Test

The X’s come with fit tests.  First thing you should do when you’ve decided to do one of the X’s is the fit tests and write down the results.  I like to do the fit test at the beginning of a program as well as the end of each phase of the program.  This makes the progress I’ve made very clear and is a huge motivational boost.


Use the SuperGym

Log all your workouts on the .  Not only can you win some great prizes just for working out – there is something incredibly gratifying about seeing all those green squares in the calendar. 


Never ever skip the warm up or stretch

In any program, but especially the more intense programs the warm up/stretch as well as the cool down/stretch are critical.  They help get your body ready for what is coming and recover from what you have done.  Most importantly warm up, cool down and stretching will prevent you from tweaking and injuring something.  Any time I’ve been injured working out it is because I did not stretch properly.  Even if you need to cut a workout short – always fast forward to the end and do the cool down and stretch.


Watch the moves at first

If its your first couple times doing the workout take a second and watch each move before you try it.  Then rewind and give it a shot.  Don’t expect perfection.  It takes time and practices to get a lot of these down.  In many cases you will not be able to match the performance on the screen – don’t let this get you down.  It takes time!


Make some noise when working out

I grunt.  I groan.  I moan. I’ll even yell.  My poor wife has heard a lot of scary sounds when I’m working out.  You’re not in a gym with anti-grunting rules.  Make some noise to get those last few reps in.  It works!


Before and after pictures

I’ve always struggled with this.  I’ve always been very sensitive about my weight.  The first time I did P90X I did not take a before shot.  I was too embarrassed.  I regret that now.  I would love to have had my original before shot.  Though I will also be disappointed that I let myself get that overweight, I would be proud to display that picture next to my after shot.  So my advice if this situation sounds familiar is to always take a before shot.  You don’t have to share it.  However, once you finish a program or maybe two  I have a feeling you will feel the same way I do now.


Show up every day and give it your all – Don’t sweat it if you don’t

Push Play.  You’ll hear this a lot too in P90X.  It’s true.  Do your best to show up every day and do your best.  You may not finish the whole workout.  You may miss a day because of work or you caught a cold.  Don’t sweat it.  You may be shooting for a super clean diet and may eat a cookie or have a piece of cake.  Don’t sweat it.  Its not the end of the world.  Reset and start again tomorrow.  So often I see people get so distraught about a single slip up that it can spiral into a outright quit.  It’s not that big of a deal if you make a mistake – you just need to reboot and start again the next day!


In my second cycle of P90X I was doing P90X+.   I went to Phoenix for a friends wedding.  I didn’t work out, I ate pizza, I did everything I should not have.  You know what?  I came home and pretended that week just didn’t happen.  I picked right up where I left off an kept going.  Don’t sweat it.


These are just a few tips that will help you succeed in your program.  Please don’t hesitate to if you have any questions or comments.

10th November, 2012

So you want to be a Beachbody Coach–Help Others and Earn Money!

That’s awesome and I’m stoked you’re considering joining our team.  I’ve found that the Beachbody coaching is a fantastic opportunity to push myself to attain my next fitness goal.  It’s a great way to meet new people and it’s a great way to supplement my income.  Some people even make a full time career of coaching.  Coaches also get discount pricing on Beachbody products which make the cost of becoming a coach a no brainer!


Beachbody does not offer a magic pill or powder that will take off the weight.  Their programs work because they’re hard, and it’s because they’re hard – they work.  You’ve probably met a er who just rants and raves about the program?  There is a reason for that!  Yes you can buy supplements from Beachbody but they’re just tools to help you work harder.  Coaches help push their team to succeed with these challenging workouts.  Heard enough?  To sign up visit the link and click on Coach and fill out the brief form to .


Why join us?

Getting started is simple and it only costs about 40$. If you’re a Canadian you will need a company with a registered tax ID.  I will help you connect with someone to get a company setup if needed.  We’ll also help you get setup with your own personalized web site which is key to helping you build your brand on the internet.


I’m a serial entrepreneur.  In the last ten years I’ve started several successful businesses and also a few that didn’t work out.  I’ve learned a few things about running a small to medium size business and I love to mentor my coaches to help them learn from my experiences.  Joining our team will also get you access to regular calls with a number of superstar Beachbody coaches that our team is aligned with.  Starting off with us will help you achieve both your fitness and financial goals!  Visit this link, click on the coach link and by filling out the form.


Huge Savings

Here is your first entrepreneurial tip.  Becoming a coach immediately entitles you to saving money on all your orders from Beachbody.  One order will probably cover the 40$ you spent to sign up.   There is yet another big savings available.  As a coach your personal health and results are a tool used by your business.  This makes your Beachbody purchases eligible to be done through your company.  Companies and individuals have different rules when it comes to paying the government taxes.  As an individual you pay taxes when you get paid.  You spend your post-tax dollars on the things you want to buy.  A corporation buys what it needs and pays tax on what is left over – or pays no tax if the company “makes no money”.  In this case making “no money” is great because you’ve bought supplies you need to grow your business – which before being a coach would have come out of your after tax money and probably paid yourself too.  Personal tax rates vary but its possible you can save an additional 20-40% by buying your Beachbody programs and supplements through your company!  You may even get money back from the government come tax time.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  E-mail me at contact@healthycoder.com.  Call or text me at 780 485 7899.   You can also connect with me on and .


I look forward to seeing !